The Priority Point System for International Airport GSE Expo was implemented before the first show in 2016. Companies that exhibited in Ground Support Worldwide’s GSE Expo and/or IAEMA’s International Airport Expo from 2010-2015 received points based on the following:

  • Booth Space
    • GSE Expo Worldwide – 1 point per 100’
    • International Airport Expo – 2 points per 100’*
  • Sponsorship
    • GSE Expo Worldwide – 1 point per $2,500 (2015 event only)
    • International Airport Expo – 1 point per $2,500 (2014 event only)

*International Airport Expo exhibitors received 2 points for booth space due to the fact that it was an every-other-year event. Therefore, both sets of exhibitors essentially were awarded points for six events.


Moving Forward:

  • Booth Space
    • International Airport GSE Expo – 1 point per 100’
  • Sponsorship
    • International Airport GSE Expo – 1 point per $1,000

Beginning with the 2016 Expo, these points will be added to totals from the 2010-2015 shows.


Booth Assignments

Booths will be assigned in priority point order according to space size and type. The first to be assigned are those who exhibited in the previous year’s expo. In order to move quickly through the booth assignment process, it is possible that a company with a lower point total is assigned before another company. This may happen only when booth sizes and/or booth types are different. Example: company A with 40 points requesting an indoor 10x10 may be assigned before company B with 70 points requesting an outdoor 30x30.

Exhibitors will be contacted by their sales rep to choose a space only if one of the choices on their contract is not available. Sales reps will provide a reasonable amount of time for a response in the event they do not immediately connect with an exhibitor. After several failed attempts to connect, the sales rep will assign a booth space for the exhibitor based upon contract choices and/or best available location. The exhibitor is welcome to make a change to that booth location later if they so choose, but may find companies with lower point totals have already been assigned and fewer choices are available.


Booth Shares

Points will not be added together for companies wishing to occupy the same space (a 100’ minimum per company is required). The highest point total will be used.


After the expo, all points will be awarded to the contracting company unless show management is contacted with a request to assign the points differently.



Priority points from a company that has been absorbed by another exhibiting company will not be added to that exhibitor’s total. If the acquired company’s point total is higher, the purchasing company will inherit that point total. If it is lower, the purchasing company’s point total will remain the same.


Loss of points

Beginning in 2017 and immediately following the 2016 expo, an exhibiting company will lose 50% of their priority points after missing two consecutive expos. 100% of points will be lost after missing three consecutive expos. Blatant disregard of show rules and regulations may result in loss of priority points.